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Izrada suvenira - VeprinacOn March 29, 2018 members of the Merlin Association held a souvenir making workshop at the Gallery of Students' Cultural Center (Galerija SKC) in Rijeka. With this workshop, Merlin Association participated in a continuous orientation of Galerija SKC focused on education and practice in the field of art.

The workshop is the continuation of the collaboration between the Merlin Association and the Association of Students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, which was established in order to encourage the students to work in applied practices and also to educate the wider public about the possibilities of making their own handicrafts.

Merlin presented the following manufacturing processes: making clay relief, making a bicomponent silicone mold; making gypsum castings, painting souvenirs with soil solution. We designed the souvenirs of Veprinac and Dvigrad in the form of magnets measuring 6 to 8 cm.

TkanjeCooperation between the Merlin Association and the Ethnographic Museum in Pazin resulted in the making of tkanica - belts for Istrian folk costumes. For three months, members of the Association (Hasime, Natasa and Josip) participated in the weaving workshop and made over 20 m of belts and scarves. The weaving workshop will continue after we have new threads set on the loom with the help of workshop manager Biserka Vranić. The fabrics will be used to make folk costumes in collaboration with the factory Tekop Nova from Pula.

Jeans redesignThrough the cooperation of the Vila Marija Home for Adults and with the co-financing of the city of Pula, the Merlin Association enriches the activities offered in the Susret Adult Daycare Center for People with Mental Disabilities Meeting in Pula through creative workshops in jeans re-design. In these workshops, people attending the Adult Daycare Center are primarily having fun and spending time with the others working on their socialization, but by participating in activities other than socialization they also work to preserve and develop their sensory and motor skills, concentration, creativity, self-expression and self-confidence, which all in turn contributes to a significant increase in the quality of life of these beneficiaries.

GrickoThe project "Healthy as Gricko" is a cycle of workshops and campaigns aimed at pre-school children not covered by the regular kindergarten program, which focuses on adopting healthy nutrition and hygiene habits as a basis for general health. We want to help our children to adopt positive health habits, improve their health and quality of life.

In our workshops we have a lot of fun and laughter but we also do something very useful - we learn how healthy foods can be fine foods, learn how to properly brush the teeth, how to work together and practice how to communicate clearly and properly and work with friends, how to work in a team and how to peacefully settle small and big quarrels and misunderstandings. We play entertaining games in which we exercise our whole body, exercise strength, balance and dexterity, but also develop the finest and most accurate finger movements. We will also create the "Adventure of the Healthy Gricko" story - a story about one of the healthiest super heroes, boy Gricko, who saves the world with healthy snacks.