Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

Tečaj šivanjaDuring November and December 2016, and in cooperation with the Primary School Rikard Katalinić Jeretov, we are organizing a creative workshop for making costumes for the carnival. Children will learn the basics of hand and machine sewing, and making clothes. We will apply the basics of the history of clothing to design the costumes for the Medieval Fair at Veprinac, and we will include the children in this event.

We are also preparing the adult cutting and sewing course for the beginners, which will take place in Local Board Tošina, from the 2nd to 20th November 2016.

Merlin playroom was, on the occasion of the upcoming holidays, visited by the Deputy Major Viviana Benussi and the children handed commemorative gifts. The Istrian County supports and co-funds Children's Center since 2005.

This year we visited Santa Claus at his theater in the Istrian town of Pula. After a cheerful play Peter Pan had sent us gifts from the frozen and singing Santa Claus.

On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, Merlin playroom was visited by the Deputy Major Mrs. Viviana Benussi. The children gave her holiday gifts. The Istrian County has been supporting and co-funding the Children's Center since 2005.

This year we visited Santa Claus at his town in the Istrian Theater in Pula. After a cheerful play, Peter Pan sent us to receive gifts from the frozen and singing Santa Claus.

KazališteOn 10 February 2014, Istrian National Theatre was the venue of the play titled HAHA2O, peformed by the Moruzgva Theater and the Puppet Factory Theater from Zagreb. All students of the preschool playroom watched the show together with their educators. The play "Haha20" is a story about the friendship of the only remaining drop from the dried-out lake and a lonely girl named Paola. The droplet and Paola meet and start the adventure of a lifetime - a return of the dried-up lake.

Edukacija roditeljaOn the 30.05.2014. the lecture on responsible parenting led by Doris Velan (pedagogue in "Olga Ban" kindergarten) was held in the premises of our Children's center. The recently established cooperation has hereby continued in a positive atmosphere. Mrs. Velan was warmly welcomed by our parents and her interactive lecture named "Preparing children for school" was seen by an uncommonly high number of parents. The lecture covered areas: legal framework of elementary school system, the process of entry into first grade, preparing a child through mental, physical and emotional development of a child.