Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

As part of the partnership project "ROJC: Developing - Enabling - Strengthening - Appreciating", the Merlin Association will during 2021 organize 60 co-financed skills workshops for the citizens of Pula that are free for them. In addition to tailoring and sewing courses (skirts, pants, shirts, dresses, jackets) participants can also participate in workshops on weaving, clothing repair, making decorative items, redesign and recycling of textile, PVC bags and wool, and doll makin.The activity will include 6 volunteers who will use their skills to help create interesting decorative items, bags, jewelry and clothing for pets. Workshops will take place three times a week for 4 hours in the premises of the Merlin Association in ROJC, depending on epidemiological measures.

Since 2016, Merlin Association is organizing thematic medieval events in the rural areas of Istria and Liburnia. The goals of these manifestations are to preserve the cultural and historical heritage outside the tourist centers; to involve the participants from local community by motivating the population through a creative thematic story and by reviving the traditional crafts; to involve the family run farms (OPG), other associations and local action groups (LAG) in the activities; to launch the international co-operation of organizations for revived medieval history; to develop the manifestation content and activities; to provide the visibility of manifestations in the media of Istria and Primorsko-goranska County.

Rojc Open Advocacy Platform is part of a broader platform - the Alliance of the Rojc Associations, and the members of the platform are at the same time using the rooms in the DC Rojc. The project deals with the social and cultural center Rojc as a building of the polyvalent type with wide program activities involving the users and the audience, for whom they work and who develop active and viable civil society dealing with democracy issues and who actively participate in the community. Project objectives: strengthening participatory governance of the DC Rojc by the associations and beneficiaries; raising the level of development of physical infrastructure for the activities of civil society organizations, citizens' initiatives and citizens, and for the sustainable development of the Rojc Center; raising the visibility of DC Rojc and activities of associations, strengthening the unity, cooperation and communication among organizations operating from the DC Rojc.

In the scope of its creative workshops, Merlin Association has been organizing the sales-exhibition manifestation The Original Splendor Of Arena. The goal of this manifestation is to organize legal sale of the authentic souvenirs in front of the Pula's Amphitheater, and to encourage local population in the participation, design and production of the handicrafts based on the cultural and historical inheritance of Pula. Project is implemented in the cooperation with the institutions and organizations in the sphere of social work and protection of marginalized groups, Bureau for Health and Social Welfare, the Bureau Of Culture, the department for Utility Order and the National Tourist Board in Pula.

Nacionalna zaklada
EEA Grants
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Primorsko-goranska županija
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