Merlin Association for Promotion of Creativity

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Sewing (PULA Rojc, Room 7)  x   x            x      
Sewing (OPATIJA Local borough Tošina)       x           x    
Sewing (POREČ Učilište)    x                  x  
Weaving (PULA Rojc, South, Romm 7)   x x                  
RADIO Civil Society (PULA Rojc Room 3)   x x x x x     x x x  
Children's workshops Kanfanar and Veprinac   x x x x x     x x x x
Clay modelling (PULA Rojc, North, Room 3)       x                
Plaster casts (PULA, Rojc North, Room 3)         x x x x x      
Participation in manifestations
Days of antiquity         x              
The Original Splendor of Arena         x x x x x      
Medieval fairs   x    x x x x x x x    
Hand Made Fair Pula                      x  



1 June to 30 September 2017

In the scope of the "Creative workshops" project, Merlin Association in cooperation with the City of Pula and the Tourist Board of Pula, is organizing sales-exhibition manifestation the "Original splendor of Pula's Arena 2017", at Ninfej location. We invite the non-profit organization to deliver the samples to the "Committee for handicraft selection" until 23 May 2017. The Committee will select the works representing the cultural and historical inheritance of Pula City, to be sold at that location. The Committee consists of the representatives of: the Bureau of Health and Social Welfare, the Department for Culture, City Commission for Fine Arts, the Department for Utility Order, the Tourist Board of Pula and Merlin Association. The organizations which are the authors of selected works will sign the contract on commission sale. The participating organizations have to contribute financially to the cost of both booth maintenance and the fee of people selling the products. The proceeds from the sale will be used for the financing of these institutions or NGOs working with the artists and marginalized groups.

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