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Flyer - Dvigrad FairAttention, attention, listen and hear! On Saturday and Sunday, May 12 and 13, 2018, the old stone of the ancient city of Dvigrad will be revived!

The ancient stone walls of the Istrian medieval town above Kanfanar have been the scene of the two-day thematic manifestation Dvigradski samanj (Dvigrad Fair) for the third year in a row. It is a manifestation of revived history within which the old abandoned houses and streets are filled with the inhabitants of its glorious past for just two days. At the beginning of the 15th century, Kaštel Dvigrad experienced its greatest moments with the arrival of the Venetians, but two centuries later the glory of Dvigrad completely faltered. The Merlin Association, in cooperation with the Moncastell Catering Company, the Tourist Association, the Kanfanar Municipality, the Dvegrajci Association and the Kanfanar Elementary School, launched this event by enacting the spirit of the Middle Ages into the ruinous walls of Dvigrad, in order to allow the visitors to experience the life of the town as it used to be.

The program will feature several history revival organizations from Rijeka, Pula, Zagreb and neighboring countries (Slovenia, Italy, Hungary), who will set up a knight camp with tents and people dressed in the 15th century original costumes that will present the medieval lifestyle of Dvigrad. In the campsite and streets the original tents, desks, fireplaces and kitchens will be set. Visitors will see exciting knights' battles, choose something from a rich offer of souvenirs, handicrafts and old crafts. Children and teenagers will see the presentation of archery, swordsmanship, painting, weaving, coat-of-arms making, dance, calligraphy, medieval carousel and other games. Everything will be seasoned with authentic medieval music, food and drinks.

With this project Merlin Association wants to provide new cultural and tourist content during the summer holiday pre-season in the rural part of Istria, to initiate the interest and inclusion of the local population in the revitalization of this tourist destination as possible development economic potential.

Vedran Rakić Zmaj, a member of the Merlin Association, showed great skills in making a poster that shows the real people involved in this event.

Flyer - Dvigrad Fair